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July 11, 2018

Calling all Munchkin Collectible Card Game fans who are going to Gen Con 2018! Sign up for a Qualifier Tournament now (on Thursday, August 2, 2018, or Friday, August 3, 2018) if you want to win a spot at the National Championship Tournament at Gen Con on Saturday, August 4, 2018, at 10 a.m.! Victory at the National Tournament scores you lots of great prizes – not to mention bragging rights that you’re the best Munchkin CCG player around.

Oh, and … you’ll get your likeness drawn into the game!

But of course, you don’t have to be the National Champion to walk away with cool loot. Here’s the rundown on some of the prizing at both the Qualifiers and the National Championship:

  • Everyone who competes in the Qualifiers will get brand new, never-before-seen alternate-art prize cards from Fashion Furious!

  • The top 32 players at each Qualifier will get full sets of six enamel Class pins.

  • The top 16 players at each Qualifier will get an Ultra PRO The Desolation of Blarg playmat.

  • Every person who qualifies for and attends the National Championship will get a Beezlebob pin as a participation prize. You’ll also get three Jeff (which is a playset), one of our recently printed promo cards that you can get only at special events!

  • Top 8 at Nationals will get a Fashion Furious acrylic level dial.

  • Top 4 will get an exclusive National Championship Top 4 playmat (in picture at top right).

  • Second, third, and fourth place will get commemorative card displays featuring framed W-cards signed by legendary Munchkin artist John Kovalic.

  • The two finalists will get a set of acrylic tokens. 

  • The Champion will get an exclusive Champion’s playmat (also pictured at top right), plus a commemorative card display featuring Hero cards and X-rarity cards signed by John Kovalic, Steve Jackson, and each of the six Class artists. 

This event will also be the first official tournament with the new Elf Thief errata in effect, so it’s going to be a blast to see which decks work best! We plan to have a ton of fun at this event, and expect to see some great games. You can search for “Munchkin CCG” events (we’ve also got draft events all throughout the show!) here, or go directly to the Thursday Qualifier or the Friday Qualifier.

Join us in Brawlhalla, and get ready to rock and Rawr! ! It’s sure to be a Dynomites good time – an event of Squidzilla proportions!

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