Synergy in the CCG, Part 2

June 26, 2018

In Part 1 of "Synergy in the CCG" we showed you how to use synergies to make a monster even more deadly.

This is a decent card by itself: you take one damage and gain a gold. As the Dwarf Cleric, you could use your Hero ability to prevent the damage (FREE MONEY!), but if we take a step back, we can use another card to make this work better still.

Now, instead of using your Hero ability to prevent the damage, you use this Armor to shift that damage to your opponent.

Up to this point, we have been looking at strategies that are apparent from reading the cards and being familiar with the rules. However, not all combos jump out and announce themselves.  Here's a synergy that has a surprising effect.

Liar's Dice allows you to ignore a dice roll and re-roll. At face value, this card appears to be of limited use. Sure, you can add a card that requires a roll to your deck and get more use out of it. But would it be worth it?

Here, we have a card that will benefit from Liar's Dice. If you roll a low number for RNGesus, you can zap Liar's Dice and re-roll to try to get a higher number. As this card deals damage based on the number you roll, this could be very beneficial. But we can add another card and get an even better effect.

First, this card allows you to deal 1 damage to both Heroes whenever you roll a 5 or 6, but you then heal 2 (if that 1 damage didn't squish your Hero). Using RNGesus, you can try to roll a 5 or 6. Using Liar's Dice as well gives you two chances to roll a 5 or 6. It’s not certain, but you go from a 33% chance of using your Lucky Giant's Toe to a 56% chance. That's not a small improvement! And RNGesus is only one of the cards in the Munchkin Collectible Card Game that has you roll the dice . . .
Now, you tell us! What other card synergies can you find? Come to the forums and let us know!

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