Meet Centaur Warrior Illustrator Mike Luckas!

May 21, 2018

Warrior Cover Photo

Mike Luckas, the artist behind the Centaur Warrior, joins us this week for our Munchkin Collectible Card Game artist interview series. Mike has worked with us on a number of projects in recent years and was tapped to join the Munchkin CCG artist lineup due to his incredible abilities!

We've previously spoken to several of our other artists: Katie CookIan McGinty, Tom Siddell, John Kovalic, Shane White, and Lar DeSouza, so check those interviews out as well if you want the full scoop behind the art of the Munchkin CCG!

As someone who's worked on the Munchkin comic series, and your own Munchkin Legends Guest Artist Edition, how was your process for creating art for the Munchkin Collectible Card Game different?

To put simply; more backgrounds! I had to think of the [Munchkin CCG] cards more as illustrations and make sure most of the drawings had a background. For the comic I could get away with some blank BGs and close ups.

What challenges did you face doing art for the Munchkin CCG? Were there any particularly difficult pieces?

The biggest challenge was making sure everything important would fit on the card. I think I got a little better at that towards the end of the set.

The Centaur Warrior is a unique combination. Did your experience with the mythic beasts in Munchkin Legends Guest Artist Edition influence your character design?

A little bit! I've drawn plenty of monster people before, but I think the Legends set is where I started to get the hang of the style I wanted to use for Munchkin.

What's up with her ears being pointy?

Hey, this is fantasy! Everyone's got pointy ears! Except when they don't.

What was the toughest card you had to draw?

The most difficult card was probably Tavern Brawl. It was hard to keep it looking chaotic but also readable.

What was your favorite card?

Maybe the Pain Train? He's having a lot of fun running around.

If you could pick any of the other five classes to illustrate, which would you like to draw?

I would pick the [Orc] Bard, but I already got to illustrate her for future sets! So aside from her, I'd love to draw more of the [Elf] Thief!

You heard it here first; Mike has some Orc Bard cards coming in the future!

If you had only one weapon to use, would it be the Whacka-Maul or the Hydraxe?

Pass on both. Gimme the Unnatural Axe! He looks like he'd be fun to chat with.

Where can fans find you online?

I have plenty of sites where you can follow my work! The best places for frequent updates would be my Tumblr, Instagram, and website.

Find out more about playing with and against the Centaur Warrior with our strategy article. You can find your own Centaur Warrior in the Ranger & Warrior Starter Set, available at your local game store and Warehouse 23.

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